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COUPLESFEST EXPO & Festival 2024
8th Annual Conference

Marriage Built 2 Last Celebrates 10 Years Impacting Couples

Hollywood Marriage Walk of Fame Festival,Gala and Awards



September 20 & 21, 2024 

Friday Night Date Night!:

Festival and Team Building Games, Music, DJ, Karaoke, Prizes, Giveaways, Dancing, Vendors and more

Saturday Expo and Seminar: Breakfast/Pillow Talk Lounge Live Show, Speaker Fest, Vendors, DJ, Music, Prizes, Giveaways

Saturday Gala and Awards Celebration

Hollywood Marriage Walk of Fame

Keynote Speakers: Apostles Tony and Cynthia Brazelton

Marriage Awards

Delicious Dinner

Vow Renewal

Celebrate 10 Years MB2L Impacting Couples

The CouplesFest - CF, mission is to create a blueprint and plan to enhance your relationship so that you can use it as a guide for many years to come.

The purpose of CF23 is for couples to have an annual event that they attend every year to gather the extra tools and equipment they need to continue to increase the love, intimacy, connection, happiness and success in their relationship, all while having tons of fun.



  • Establish a network where we provide value to couples beyond the basics.

  • We want to help couples establish all the things that they need to do as a couple to build their legacy.

  • We want to combine what couples want with what couples need.

  • A lot of people are babes in their relationship stage and some are in their ‘sweet’ spot.

  • We help to sweeten the desserts that we serve each of them.

In our events, people get the viewpoint of two people (the man and the woman) instead of one.

Benefit of this Couplesfest:

giphy (1).gif

Couples will build their personal foundation in

2 day experience spending time to enrich and enjoy their marriage

We call this E to E=Enjoyment and Enrichment. Success in your relationship is in direct relation to your E to E factor


Couples get an experience while they enrich their marriage


They will create a blueprint that

they can enhance and continue building on year after year.

This event is for marrieds, engaged and seriously dating. Singles are welcome who desire marriage.

About the Hosts: James and Cynthia Greene

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Friday Night Expo and Festival:

Specialty Clinics; Festival and Team Building Games, Music, DJ, Prizes, Giveaways, Dancing, Vendors and more

Saturday Expo and Seminar:


Breakfast/Breakfast With The Greene’s Facebook Live, Speaker Fest, Vow Renewal, Dancing, Vendors, DJ, Music, Prizes, Giveaways

James and Cynthia Greene are Founders of Marriage Built 2 Last, LLC.  They are Marriage and Relationship Visionary Strategists.

They help couples see what God sees for them by helping couples create a vision for their marriage so they can achieve their dreams and reach their destiny!


Their goal is to help eradicate divorce, chaos and confusion in marriages by providing couples with vision that build marriages that last FOREVER. James and Cynthia are 3x Best Seller Authors, passionate, prolific & in-demand Speakers, Certified Professional transparent & transformative Relationship Coaches.


They provide online courses, workshops, retreats, conferences, and have the #1 Couples Membership Club, In Love and Loving It Academy.  They have been affectionately nick-named  'America's Favorite Couple'!

Getting There



Marriage Built 2 Last's mission is to see your marriage filled with happiness and the two of you operating effectively and productively as life and business partners, bringing stability and success to your home and relationship.

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